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Wise Bird Capital is an Israeli Hedge Fund specializing in Fundamental Research and Financial Data-driven Investments. The fund focuses on equities that trade on the US stock exchanges (NYSE, Nasdaq, etc.) and where the General Partner identifies opportunities for a Buy and Hold strategy.

The General Partner is constantly seeking opportunities to invest in companies that trade below their estimated valuation, often triggered by a catalyst for the investment.

With over 14 years of experience in analyzing and forecasting companies' financial data, the General Manager employs a structured process to identify opportunities in the market.

While the General Partner is comfortable making investments across a wide range of industries and asset classes, it generally prefers investments in straightforward businesses or assets that generate cash flow streams that can be reasonably estimated over the long term.



Our investment approach is geared towards achieving maximum long-term capital appreciation with a reasonable level of risk.

Employing a value investing approach, we actively seek out investment opportunities, both long and occasional short positions, where a significant disparity exists between current trading prices and the intrinsic business value. This divergence is often coupled with a catalyst for the recognition of value.

We firmly believe that our emphasis on undervalued securities establishes a margin of safety, substantially mitigating the risks associated with long-term capital loss in our partnership.

In recognition of the dynamic and ever-changing nature of markets, we have implemented a structured process that encompasses screening, evaluation, and strategic waiting for optimal investment pricing:

  1. Screening and Selection: We identify companies for analysis based on notable price fluctuations, news articles, emerging information from the company, or through systematic review of S&P 500 companies.

  2. Utilizing Proprietary Algorithms: We leverage our in-house developed algorithms to access target companies' comprehensive financial statements (including P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow). This enables us to perform thorough valuations and detailed analyses.

  3. Dynamic Dashboards: Our dashboards, continuously updated with current market data, features a multitude of companies under our watch. We consistently compare their market prices against our valuations.

  4. Informed Decision-Making: Companies trading below our valuation thresholds are flagged on the dashboard. We then delve into a deeper analysis to determine whether investment is warranted.

By adhering to this rigorous approach, we aim to optimize our investment decisions, capturing opportunities in a rapidly evolving market landscape.





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